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We believe in never giving up on the concept of recovery, and no matter what the history of prior attempts, we always maintain hope that recovery can be accomplished and be maintained for a lifetime.

Addiction is caused by a multitude of psychological, biological, environmental, and social factors. Therefore, in order for its treatment to be successful it needs to address all of these areas of the individual's life. Treatment of addiction, depending on its nature, most commonly involves a number of different treatment modalities and a group of practitioners working closely together. Regardless of the nature of the addiction, the first step in treatment is the willingness and the dedication of the afflicted individual to get better and overcome the disease.

For addictions that involve chemical dependency, some individuals may require inpatient detoxification and an intensive inpatient or outpatient program. In these cases we work closely with the treatment facilities to ensure open communication and continuity of care. In some chemical dependency cases, we may prescribe medications that will help with the cravings or withdrawal symptoms during the recovery. Many of those who turn to alcohol or other mind-altering substances do so because they are trying to alleviate some underlying psychiatric issues such as anxiety, depression, attention deficit, or bipolar disorder. In these cases, it is important for us to diagnose and treat the underlying disorder to accomplish a high likelihood of success in maintaining sobriety.

Social and environmental factors are major contributions to developing addiction. We strongly believe that psychotherapy should be an integral part of any addiction treatment. We can provide psychotherapy treatments in house, or work with another psychotherapist of the patient's choosing.

We are quite familiar with the 12-step program. For individuals that participate in 12-step recovery, provided that they have a sponsor and participate in meetings regularly, we are happy to provide assistance in working at a deeper level through the 12 steps alongside the sponsor and the meetings.

There are also those who prefer to try a less intensive approach to recovery from addiction, and who start by working with us. In these cases, we must first make sure that an inpatient detoxification is not medically necessary. If so, we will work closely with the individuals, their therapists, and family members as needed. This mode of treatment requires intensive therapy and most likely medication management, all done in-house.


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