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Whether you are suffering from a debilitating mental illness that interferes with your daily life and function, struggling with addictions or issues of self esteem or relationships, trying to find yourself or your purpose, or just looking to expand your understanding of your inner psyche or spirituality, we can help you along in the process.

We employ medication management, counseling, and guided meditation techniques, and always tailor a combination of these to provide the best care to the unique individual that is you!

  • Focused on how the patient has been since the last visit, and the effects of the medication on patient
  • Discussions will be focused on whether or not changes are needed to the current regimen of medications

  • Always includes medication management for patients taking medications
  • Goals of counseling are designed based on each individual's needs and wants and techniques vary widely based on each patient's needs
  • Discussion extends from medications to patient's behavioral, emotional, and social patterns, includes looking at relationships and evaluating history of significant life events since childhood
  • Geared at helping patients recognize their patterns, learn which patterns are effective and which are problematic, and to slowly replace old patterns with newer more effective patterns.
  • Takes into account each individual's belief systems, all the while evaluating the deeper meanings of the beliefs and values and their effects on the individual's life
  • Work is done on uncovering specific self-esteem and self-value issues and ways to improve them

  • Can be integrated at the level of breathing techniques in the medication management visits as a way to teach patients relaxation tools
  • Guided meditation can be integrated into counseling for patients who are interested in using this practice as a way to delve deeper into their subconscious
  • Guided imagery is often used as part of the meditation practices to help patients overcome potential roadblocks in their meditation

  • Very similar to counseling, with the focus on the couple or the family as a whole entity and evaluating the entity's beliefs and values, relationship patterns, conflicts, and ultimately, conflict resolution techniques.
  • Goal is to help the couple or the family to form healthier relationships, with proper boundaries and respect for each individual in the entity .may be suffering from a form of addiction, please call us to see how we can be of help.


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